Fixing LTE on AT&T Skyrocket I727 After Unlock For T-Mobile LTE On Cyanogenmod 10.1

I recently switched from AT&T to T-Mobile. I kept my phone (i727 Skyrocket) and was not getting LTE data service, only up to HSPA+ services. I tried various radios but nothing got LTE working on my device! I have seen it working fine on other unlocked skyrockets so I dunno what was going on. I assume some sort of setting on the radio was changed along the way and I could only get voice on LTE with T-Mobile.

To solve the issue, these are the steps that I took:

1) Downloaded STOCK 4.1.2 AT&T ROM –
2) Put it on my phone storage and rebooted into custom recovery
3) Made a backup of my existing Cyanogenmod 10.1 install with custom recovery
4) Wiped system, and did factory reset
5) Install AT&T Stock ROM (no need to root, just do not replace your custom recovery)
6) Once phone loads into the stock rom, bring up the dialpad and dial *#2263#
7) Select Automatic
8) Add fast.t-mobile APN settings
9) Verify 4G LTE is working and connected with data
10) Reboot to recovery
11) Restore original backup of Cyanogenmod 10.1 & 10.2
12) Enjoy LTE on T-Mobile with Cyanogenmod 10.1 & 10.2

Muve Music 3.5.1

This update was pushed with the Galaxy S3 Jellybean update. It allows the use of Muve Music without the Muve Music Memorycard. This may be specific to the Galaxy, but that is one of the features in this update.

Some Cricket Service Specific Android Apps

LG Android Hidden Service Menu Loader

Some LG Android phones have the hidden menu disabled. This application, once installed, can call that menu to make changes to LG Specific settings.

Just install the APK and run the application on your phone.

LG Hidden Menu Loader

LG VN150 & VN271 SPC Reader

Some of Verizon pre-paid phones do not have 00000 as their SPC, I have noticed this on some models like the LG VN150 and the LG271 for Verizon. Use this program to read the SPC from the phone for unlocking/flashing.

LG VN150/271 SPC Reader

Cricket Muve Music 2.8.2 & 3.0.2 APK

Samsung PST DLLs, Kyocera PST 3.8, & Kyocera Chamelion

Some Cricket PRL 25410 35410 45710 4500

Downloads Starting to Come Back Online

It has been a while since I have posted here. I have been quite busy… I have been moving over all the downloads I currently offer on this website from MegaUpload (which has died..) to public shares on Google Drive. You should start to see everything coming back online here soon. I am however missing files that I would love to provide on here but I have sadly lost them, and those are the TOT files for the LG Optimus series for Sprint and MetroPCS. If you have these, email me < ghassani -at- gmail > with a link to them and I will add them here for everyone. I haven’t been able to fine them :(

To people who have emailed or – I had moved hosts and forgot to resetup my clients to receive those emails. I see a lot people tried to email me. Sorry I did not respond.. however just to update all of you I no longer work with MetroPCS and will not be adding ESN/MEID/IMEI to their system. I think they stopped their flashing program anyway.. I am however now working with Cricket and can enter those;) I have updated these email addresses to forward to my personal email address, so if you have any questions feel free to mail me at one of those addresses.

Anyway.. on a side note I have a nice piece of software that should be available to ya’ll here soon. It has to do with CDMA Servicing ;)

R.I.P Mega Upload

As you all are probably already aware, MegaUpload has been taken down by the US Government. As you also may know, pretty much all the downloads here were hosted with them. I will try with my limited spare time to move all these downloads to another file provider.

Anyone have any suggestions?